Things that Determine the Quality of a Paving Project

Quality parking lots are not there by accident. Instead, it takes appropriate preparation and careful planning. Each process including rolling the pattern and achieving an optimum temperature of the mat will impact the overall appearance of the asphalt paving project. Moreover, attention to details makes the difference between being delayed and getting a bonus. These are essential asphalt paving tips to ensure the success of a project.


Of course, every homeowner wants to install a pavement that can cope up with heavy traffic and unexpected loads depending on the location and weather conditions. Compactness during the laying of the material will delay the need for repair and maintenance and preserve the integrity of asphalt. A driveway might not provide sufficient support needed for heavy traffic and structures, and it might eventually break down if compactness best practices are neglected. The compactor rolling patterns, thickness or depth of a mat and mat temperature are three factors that determine the quality of compaction.

Rolling Pattern

One of the crucial road building processes is to maintain a precise pattern during the final phase. It is what contributes to the long-term stability and smoothness of the pavement. The best way to achieve the target density is to complete rolling before the temperature drops too low. That allows for the achievement of the highest production, especially for mixes that exhibit tenderness. It also let the paver reach proper breakdown rolling density before the mixture develops a soft zone or become unstable.


You might need to learn more about the safety and operation of asphalt construction training programs. For example, homeowners can enroll in professional instructor courses to learn how paving contractors can maximize the productivity of the rest of the team. You also want to learn how to maintain equipment and how it performs and adopt compaction and paving best practices. Efficiency and precision of a project don’t depend on the machine alone; contractors and an asphalt supplier fairfield county ct make a difference as well.

Proper Paver Setup

You might need to inspect the paving equipment to fix any issue that could hinder the safety and efficiency of the project. Also, check all fluid levels before commencing the project. You might also need to apply coating solution or release agent to any part that can contact asphalt throughout the project. Fortunately, some manufacturers of paving machines have designed integrated coating systems that are attached to the paving tools.

Paving Speed

Irregular mat depth, waves, and ripples are likely to occur when there is an inconsistent paving speed. Of course, everyone wants an ideal paving operation that operates nonstop to ensure the speed doesn’t affect the appearance of a mat. Changes in speed can also interfere with the timely delivery of paving materials and maintenance of the hopper full all the time. You might need to consider the volume and output of the mixer as well as the number and size of delivery trucks before setting the paving speed. However, one can use speed limiters that work the same as an automobile’s cruise control to help control paving speed.